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Young Engineers Session 2

Building things that move: Electricity, motors, and gears

This session gives students experiences using electricity, motors, and gears. Students design and build a small car to take home.

All lesson plans and handouts are provided here in PDF format. If you use any of these lessons, please provide feedback.

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Lesson 1Simple Circuits I Handout
Lesson 2Simple Circuits II Handout 1
Handout 2
Lesson 3Using gears: Why? What do they do? Handout
Lesson 4More gears  
Lesson 5What conducts electricity? Building a burglar alarm  
Lesson 6Secret Candy Safe  
Lesson 7Experimenting with real gears, pulleys, switches, stripped down motor  
Lesson 8Experimenting gear ratios and wheel sizes for cars  
Lesson 9Building a small car I: Building the gearbox  
Lesson 10Building a small car II: Choosing and preparing wheels and chassis  
Lesson 11Building a small car III: Assembling the car Handout
Lesson 12Building a small car IV: Wiring the remote controller  
Lesson 13Building a small car V: Completing the car Handout
Lesson 14Building with PVC pipe (If there is time to dedicate one class period to experimenting with the PVC pipe) Handout 1
Lesson 15Build a structure to support a pulley (If Lesson 14 was done. Otherwise, use Lesson 16 that follows) Handout 1
Handout 2
Lesson 16Alternate Lesson - Elevator Project I: Building with PVC pipe - Build a structure to support a pulley  
Lesson 17Building an elevator II Handout
Lesson 18Building an elevator III  
Lesson 19Building an elevator IV Handout